A subjective insight into the future of Automobile

A subjective insight into the future of Automobile

The car of the future lets say a 2025 model will be a completely different machine for its current grandfather. They will be packed with computers and security devices that ensure that even a stunt driver can not crash and they will run on carbon dioxide and give strawberries fragrant oxygen. Well they maybe.

Predictions of future vehicles are usually wildly wrong now we should all have spacecraft to rival NASA based on our backyard. However some of the car related advanced technology that can be developed can now make it possible for future production models. But how much of this technology will be needed or even desired? Current car design is already influenced by politicians bureaucrats health and safety regulations and emission regulations and the fantastic concept seen on the motor show appears in the world as a 1.0 liter shopping cart but at least its legal.

Personally I think of the fuel efficient hybrid cars and fuel cell cars deliver nothing but water. But like most enthusiasts I also like powerful high convertibles with the ability to snap a 10 step vertabrae. A sensible mix is therefore necessary and this is the job assigned to car designers and engineers in the future to make a politically correct car that is also desirable.

Another immerent problem faced by the designers of the future comes up with styling ideas that are fresh and new. Some of the latter concepts are really striking but not necessarily beautiful in the classic sense of the word. But if there is one thing the automotive industry is good at its innovation and Im convinced that radical and extreme concepts that have never been predicted continue to show up at motorhows around the world.

Computer technology has already taken hold of the car and the modern driver is less and less responsible for the actions of his vehicles. Crash victims will soon try to sue the electronics companies for accidents that they caused because their computer system failed to brake the car even if they were fast asleep at the wheel on a three way highway. Before you automate each individual vehicle on each road driven car its just not possible. In my opinion there are just too many road variables with all the worlds logic you can not beat a brain. Now computer aided driving is already available in some Mercedes models that brake for you if you do not look where you go and your too close to the car but there is still a driver who is in control of the car or is there. What happens if you want to get closer to the car in front of you you needed to get closer to the car if you did not get closer the car would do something terrible with civilization. Where do you go with automotive automation?

In the future of the future CCTV will be so widespread that visible crimes like car thefts are all but dried out but it will still not stop the determined thief. Global Positioning System GPS devices that are standard for all new cars will be able to track vehicles at any time this technique is already common but more widespread use is inevitable. In the UK the government is already talking about installing GPS to charge drivers depending on the route they travel and on what occasions to reduce congestion. This technology combined with an enhanced mobile and bluetooth network can be used to track and restore stolen vehicles. When the vehicle is stolen a call can be made which turns off the cars engine. At the same time a call is sent which warnings are located near the police using GPS installed in both the stolen car and the polices car crew can track the car even if they can not see it. The police will also have much more insight into a car record when its out of patrol with the help of Bluetooth technology a police car can swallow a vehicle and get information about the owner the driver and their driving history and even find out the latest top speed and acceleration figures. Of course whoever wants it you think youve only had a fun little blast on your favorite track youll have to drag over five miles later and the officer will give you a ticket for something he did not see. But if this technique is mandatory what are you doing for the election?

Access to future cars can be very different from todays keys pushbutton coding and key card systems where the key does not even leave you pocket which is already available becomes common. You hear the term turnkey mail but still use a remote control that is connected to a key that is then used to start the car. Biometrics available on some computer systems and using fingerprints as passwords can be an effective alternative to the key. You can even program it for family members who decide between access only for the children or access and drive

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